The Art Works of  Ad Swan - A Show Case of  Permanent and Rotating Exhibits of Artist Andre' Swancy
Studio, Gallery and Foundry In Scottsdale, Arizona site called  Cosanti - 6433 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd. Paradise Valley, Arizona was designed by Legendary Artist, Architect Paola Soleri.
Swancy, and his spouse had residency there for two years as an apprentice and paid staff. Windbells were made at Cosanti it was a workshop and Foundry, for Bronze Bells and Pottery.
Swancy made and designed similar bronze bell n the Cosanti Foundry during the 1970's. The foundry was built in 1956. 
Swancy helped with the design of a bell Soleri wanted to create in memory of his late wife, Colly. The first design was miniature and Swancy stated; it barely made a sound because it was too small. But Soleri seem to like it. Swancy along with a master bell maker named. 
David was designing and casting bronze bells daily. While Mrs, Swancy was a receptionist in the office and helping Soleri with his book he was writing at the time.
Swancy and Soleri studied at Frank Loyd Wright's Taliesin West, something they had in common.
As we, enter this information into the "artworks of ad swan" Website, April 26, 2013 it is confirmed that Paloa Soleri passed away April 10, 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona at the age of 93, and will be buried on the grounds at Arcosanti along side his wife, Colly. Swancy visited Soleri while vacationing in Arizona, September, 2011, Soleri then, age 91. They had not seen each other since the 1990's. A heart warming reunion. Swancy passed away 4 months later January 4, 2012, of a sudden heart attack age 76. 
Our Tribute to Artist, Architect Paloa Soleri, from the Swancy Family.
On behalf, of Andre' Dumont Swancy, his family would like to offer their heart felt sympathy on the passing of your father. Your father was an inspiration to Swancy. His memory will live on in our hearts as long as we live.  Love and Peace!
Navajo Reservation
Peace Pipe  - Swancy
shared a Peace Pipe with the friends he met.
Swancy studied History about the Navajo and Hopi Indians their customs and life styles. Lived on the reservation for one year,  meditated and enjoyed the beauty and quiet of the desert. He liked to experience for himself, what it may be like having a difference type of life style?
After spending time on the San Tan reservation and in the Northern Sonora Valley of Mexico Swancy became interested in Samnistic Practice and  began to research his own background.
Hopi Indian Reservation
Swancy learned the Hopi Reservation is entirely surrounded  by the much larger Navajo Reservation. The two Nations at some point shared the Navajo-Hopi, joint used area. Northeastern Arizona and Northern New Mexico.
Hopi, art, notably carving of Kachina Dolls.
Not this one! Example only! However, Swancy,  carved and made his own Kachina Dolls, using wood, feathers, leather and beads with mostly African looking faces.
With the beads, he brought or traded, or made himself, he made necklaces and sold them to tourist in Tuscon and Phoenix, Arizona as well as California.
Example only!
Swancy, took pottery classes and was influenced by Hopi crafting earthenware ceramics.
The Navajo Indian Reservation, Northeastern Arizona, crafted sterling silver jewelry, and turquoise. Which Swancy melted silver and made jewelry, and designed of his own style for the things he made.
Swancy, learned the Mexicans taught the Navajo how to make jewelry, Made not by casting but by joining individual pieces of soldering, actually, brazing as the hand solder in a silver alloy rather than lead in the alloy.
Beautifully Crafted.
Navajo also, made Kachina Dolls. Swancy brought and sold these dolls to tourist visiting Arizona.
Swancy met Famous Sculptor Donald Locke in Tempe Arizona at the University. Locke was and art instructor who taught sculptor classes in his studio, Tempe, AZ. Swancy enrolled to take classes. - 1985. They had the meeting of their intellectual minds. Swancy and Locke  became good friends. Locke was a great Guyanese Artist, who created drawings, painting and sculpture in a variety of media.
Anyone who knew Swancy learned that when he worked with you and you paid him a compliment he would ask; "will you but it in writing".
Locke gave Swancy a letter, which read. "It is a privileged and a pleasant task, but not an easy one to write a testimonial for Andre' Swancy, whom I have known for the past four years. 
He was one of my students when I held classes in my studio in Tempe, Arizona, but this claim hides the fact that he was an artist in his own right and he only came to my studio to learn about the technical side of making sculpture and because the conversation was stimulating and allowed him to get off some of that awesome energy which he has bottled in side him.
I discovered American Art in 1952, in a French magazine I might add, and later in the early sixties worked along side American ceramic artist in Scotland where, dumbstruck I watched as they bulldozed the craftsmen around them into the twentieth century. They were from California and were in the midst of that great revolution in the handling of clay which was then in progress. There influence has lasted to this day. In my opinion, Swancy has as much energy, as much artistic talent and inventiveness and personal initiative as any of the artistic I knew then in the 60's.
We are here looking at someone who given the right assistance at the crucial moment, will become a major artist. He reminds me of the paint work on Rolls-Royce car, all thirty coats of material, which, whatever smash-up it might have been through, whatever dirt or muck you splash on the surface, its super special quality is still evident".
"As a grantee I have not the doubt that he will become one of your major acquisitions".
Yours faithfully,
Donald Locke   12th Sept. 1985
Locke moved from Arizona to Atlanta, Georgia. A few years later Swancy and his wife, Evelyn moved to Atlanta, Georgia were Swancy and Locke reunited sharing their art works. They continued having conversations and Locke became an Art Critic for an Atlanta Newspaper for four years and had the opportunity to write an article on Swancy's Myth and Memory exhibit at the Art Exchange in the 90's. And another article. See the page on this website titled Myth and Memory, you will see Swancy showing Locke his art works. Swancy was devastated when Locke passed away December 2010. 
Photo of Locke
Our Thanks to Artist Donald Locke for being a special friend to Andre' Swancy and his family in Arizona and Georgia. From 1981 till 2010
Thank You!
Thank you for being the nicest friend anyone could ever be!
1989 Andre' Swancy Computer Training
September 1989, Andre' Swancy graduated from INSTITUTE FOR COMPUTER TRAINING at Gateway Community College, Phoenix, Arizona.
In the nineteen nineties Andre' Swancy became an Instructor part-time.
He went to The University of Phoenix Professional Education to update the required Phoenix coursework updating your teaching certification. He completed the course and finished with a 4.0. 
Andre' Swancy held the position of Community Events Coordinator for the Phoenix Fine Arts Council.
At that time the Phoenix Fine Arts Council was sponsoring Guyanese Youth art.
Swancy was a certified in art therapy and art teacher degreed in early child psychology and art therapy which he used as a basis for studying children and their potential problems in conjunction with the psychologist and psychiatrist in Phoenix.
There was an art exhibit of the Art and Photo at the Scottsdale College. Swancy was awarded a trophy for the Exhibition. Roosevelt School district participated with their students reading the poetry.
Swancy was an instructor at the Roosevelt School District in Phoenix, Arizona. (Institute for the Handicapped) for quite sometime. when he left he received a letter of reccomendation from the supervising principal and administrative assistant. She stated; I found, Andre Swancy to be very professional with a positive attitude. His contributions to his profession are insurmountable.
He is a catalyst to his peers and remains a trustworthy person.
Swancy remained an instructor with Roosevelt School District was listed as a substitute. He gained the experience of using his art therapy degree training with children with special needs. For him this was a positive step in his goals. He received an honor from the Roosevelt School District, certification with no expiration date, welcome to substitute for life. What an honor!
Swancy opened a Montessori Child Development Center in Phoenix, Arizona for Full Day Care and Special Child Care needs. He was the owner, director and his wife, Evelyn Swancy who became co-owner director. She had owned a Montessori School in Kansas for 15 years. She had studied at the school of Marie Montessori in Europe. Her school in Kansas City, The Children's Creative School of Learning remain in the top ten in the state and trained University Staff, interns, students, and used to test children in a program of Bill Cosby's Fat Albert introducing various food for nutrition, their most favorable. Swancy used his own developed training aids. Swancy developed many programs for the school while working as an artist for the Kansas City Power and Light Company.
View of educational materials used in Child Center.
Mrs, Swancy Instructor in photo with a few students. The Center had 200 enrolled. Staff of 30.

Students demonstrate
Montessori training aids to guest.

One of Swancy's Artistic Teaching Aids he created and was used in the Creative School of Learning and other Schools.
. .
Andre' Swancy named this Art project: (Match to Sample Apparatus). Designed To Teach Pre-School Students. One-Digit Numerical Concepts
Submitted to the Ottawa University, as Partial Fulfillment of  part requirement for the Degree in Art Therapy - Early Childhood Education - Psychology.
Developed time, one year.
List of Figures:
Response Apparatus, Rod Puppet with Magnetic Pointer, Magic Wand (magnet pointer), Sample of one Digit Numerical Match to sample, Sample of Digit Numerical.Match to Sample Cards, Sample sheets of (20)  Match to Sample Pre and Post test Questions, Histogram Means Correct Response,Table 1 - 4 of treatment groups.
When children got the right answer the bell rang and colorful lights would come on. The study of swancy was many hours in the library, many volumes he sought out and perused, the many hours he spent in conference with the exploring his design and analysis, and the desire he had manifested to produce a piece of work which would be not just adequate but would stand accomplished art work.
The University of Ottawa was proud to to proclaim him as a graduate.
Learnings Swancy had in Kansas mentioned on this Arizona page is used to show how he used all his artist training no matter where he lived. Is not the past prolonged to the present and future?
The Child Development center in Arizona was on a lease and the building was to be sold at the end of the contract. The school across the street was to be closed the one where the students came to the center.
Swancy did not reopen or relocate to another center.
Instead he accepted an eighteen month, Art Instructor assignment with the Redmond University, Redmond, California. He brought a mobile trailer to live in since the stay in California was to be temporary. Mrs. Swancy took a temporaryAdministrative positition at the County Coroners office issuing estate checks to court appointed trustees. Swancy took her on site seeing events, movies, etc., mostly to Los Angeles, a visit to a cousin in the upper valley, Nevada, and drove back and forth to Arizona. It was like a vacation and a honeymoon. Eighteen months of mostly fun.
At the end of eighteen months Swancy returned to Arizona. He taught Art at the University of Phoenix, and in his studio. Mrs. Swancy went to work for United Airlines as a trained Specialist for the Red Carpet Club exclusive. Once she spoke with Montel Williams and gave him permission to board a United flight when the ticket office girl said it did'nt look like him. He was so polite to Mrs. Swancy.
Her working for the airline enabled the couple to free airline fights. So that meant long trips every six months and any weekends they choose. Lots of Art Galleries and Museums in other cities.
Swancy began to show his art work in local galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona. He sold the Indian Jewelry at his studio and antiques he had acquired from his family.
The energy he had was insurmountable. He loved life and to have fun in everything he did. He was lucky his spouse had equal amount of energy, their children were grown so why not enjoy life with each other?
They were friends, lovers, had mutual respect, not alike in many ways, but Mrs. Swancy had extensive training in art and had paintings that won scholarships to top Universities at an early age and became permenant works in the Schools and Universities, One top award was a Thayer Award. She understood what he was trying to acheive and his goals. They stablized each other a Cancer & a Virgo.
They called each other Adam and Eve.
However, Art  was not her passion like Swancy. He was supported 100% and she was there for him when he needed her to be. Swancy's Art has become her passion now, to keep his legacy alive by exposing his techniques to young artist to study for future generations too come and for his children.
Arizona is a great place for artist to freely paint with calm and beauty. You can fry an egg on the sidewalks, paint an armadillo, cactus, rainbows, Indian people, visit casinos on the reservations,  swimming pools outdoors year round, maybe see a UFO and travel a short distance to Mexico.
Example Image!
One night Swancy and his spouse were in this park with several people for some event. Someone said; look and pointed to the sky. What is it, was shouted.
A news report said it was a balloon, few who witness the event said otherwise.
Swancy was interviewed and appeared on TV with a friend named Rick,  The program AFRICAN (UFO) AFRICAN SYNTAX lasted on the network one hour. 10/1993. Tucson, Arizona. The VHS copy remains in Swancy's collections with his family today, titled: Swancy/Rick (UFO). Copies will be available soon on CD.
There is an article on UFO - Ex Arizona Governor now admits to seeing a Huge UFO 7/20/1993.
Arizona was a beautiful place for Swancy.It was like being in another country. He was treated with respect made lots of friends and met people of all nationalities, from all around the world, rich, mid-rich and plain out wealthy. You were who you said you were and never any reference to skin color of nationality. You were treated as a human being and a child of God.
Swancy loved the fact the time was never changed, it was like the old days, when he grew up, sun up to sun down.
Swancy watched his youngest daughter graduate with the first graduating class at Shadow Mountain High School in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Arizona.
Enter College, married and had two children. Eventually, she moved to Atlanta, GA.
One of his son's, Mario, married in Arizona and graduated from DeVry University, before moving to California where he married and Swancy became  grandpa once more.
The oldest daughter came to Arizona after she graduated from Iowa State University. Fresh out of college she felt she deserved a six figure salary now, so she moved to Florida after six months. Went to work for Eastern airlines in an executive position. Instead of her getting six figures she married a man who eventually made six figures and moved to Texas. 
A love for music a man of many interest and talents describes Swancy fairly well. The desert enhanced the sound of music.
Swancy started collecting African Drums and added them to the ones he had brought in Africa, when he was there. He had played conga drums with musicians for many years, before going to Arizona.
Swancy made PVC Flutes. The sound is clean, the first two octaves are not difficult. Simply to make and with in a month Swancy learned relatively proficient.
Swancy was persuaded by his spouse to try Atlanta, GA in order to be near family. He knew what he had in Arizona and was not keen on leaving. He decided, maybe they were missing out on somethings living a quite simple life. They had lived in Arizona eighteen years. He considered his age and he might have to retire when he got to Atlanta. Swancy's made a pack, if they did not like living there, they would not stay and no matter what they would move back to Arizona when they got older and could set together in rocking chairs.
Swancy takes his spouse to Atlanta, Georgia!
(see Georgia page)
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