The Art Works of  Ad Swan - A Show Case of  Permanent and Rotating Exhibits of Artist Andre' Swancy
About Us
Our Company presents a show case of the Artworks by Artist Andre' Dumont Swancy, his own approach to techniques and experimentation collection.
How he transformed his ideals into artworks of exquisite beauty and elegance, deliberately introducing drypoint on a Polaroid film plate, contemporary handcast paper, mock techniques drypoint/mezzotint/crible, collagraph, elements of imagination.
We aim to present a friendly social atmosphere and mutual understanding as we promote "The Artworks of AD Swan" and attempt to show the path Artist Andre' Dumont Swancy walked from Dreamtime (birth) to Dreamtime (death).
His love for art, communication, his talent, his roots, his lifestyle, and his contributions to the world by sharing Swancy's works of art.
There are many pages for your selection of interest and reading pleasure at your leisure anytime of day or night. Enjoy and give us feedback on the contact us page.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. Please keep checking our website we are updating often.

Website Designed and information complied by Director, Evelyn Swancy. 

Picture taken of Evelyn Swancy 2013. Age 74.

As Director of the artsworks ofadswan. Evelyn keeps her husband, Andre' Swancy's legacy alive.

Evelyn is devoted to ensuring that her husband's legacy is sustained for many generations to come.

Keep it alive with the things he told her, the direction he planned to take his art, using his documentations, his notes, his paintings, videos, slides, molds, books, his love for educating others of all ages and his many talents and interest.

Life of his art lives on. And Evelyn is doing all within her power to keep Andre', desires to educate the world through the eyes of a great artist.

Photo: Andre' and Evelyn
He age 76 Her age 73
Taken December 10, 2011
at daughter's graduation in Theology.

Married 53 years.

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